Despicable Me: Minion Rush App Reviews

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So fun

This game is fun!


Ok I like this game in all but the new event minions on strike just ended even when it said there was 10 days left and it wont let me do minions vacation.

Minion rush

This game is really awesome and funny

awesome game!!!

I love this game sm omggg

Wont play without internet connection

I used to be able to play this game without an internet connection so I dont use up data. However this past update has made it so the game doesnt even load without an internet connection. Please fix this!



Loved it

Got it for my boyfriends baby brother and I needed up getting addicted to it ? but its defiantly good


This is a great game! Keep you on your toes the whole way through

Great Game!

Great Game for the whole family all of us enjoy playing!! ??

Minion run

It is fun and its a great game for kids when you want to get them out of your hair??

Lost all my rewards , etc

Lost all my goals. Went back to zero. Ugh, years of playing this game too.

Um, I have wifi...

There is a problem with the game. It says it needs to download additional content but I dont have wifi. The truth is, I DO have wifi, it just has some kind of glitch. PLEASE fix this!!!!

Very exciting


Used to be good

When I first got this game it was soooo fun and it was endless. But then they went and added levels and everything went downhill from there. Now its boring.

This game was fun but now its going downhill a bit

I like this game I play it when Im not playing AJPW but for the while I started playing it went downhill a bit but its still a good game but it could be better now for cray cray emojis ??????????????????????????????☠️?????????????✌???????????????????????‍⚕️??‍???‍??????????????????????????????????????????????❄️??????☀️?☀️??☂️????????????????????‍♂️?‍♂️???????‍♀️???????????????????⌚️?????✒️?????✏️????®©???????????????????????????◾️▫️◻️⬛️⬜️??〰➰➿3️⃣???????5️⃣??????✳️❇️♻️??️?♌️?️?⛔️?♨️?❌

Love the game

Love it!! Has really cool levels must have


this game is amazing , it really keeps me occupied



I like it but...

Can you remove the levels I want to play it free play :/

Great game!!!!!!

This game is very addictive and I could play it fir hours

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